Winfield RV Products Stabilizing Foot Pad are designed to reduce unwanted movement associated with Electric Drop Arm Style Stabilizers.

This type of RV stabilizer relies on the principles of the triangle and friction to stabilize the fifth wheel or travel trailer. However with this design, the ground is the bottom of the triangle and it is not solid. RVers typically don't camp on a smooth solid surface or ground, so if the  bottom of the triangle is not solid you are left with unwanted trailer movement. The concept ot the triangle is good, however due to the design the stabilizer it does not have the mechanical advantage to lift or bear the weight of the RV, which results in minimal friction with the ground and unwanted movement in the tensioning gears.  

In order to solve these problems the Winfield Stabilizing Foot Pads are designed to be larger in size with a diamond plate foot to increase friction with the ground. A ratcheting tension  strap extends between both foot pads. When you ratchet or tension the strap between the foot pads you are pulling the feet pads together to solidifying the bottom of the triangle, which substantially improves effectiveness and stability.

The ratchet style tensioning strap remains connected to the foot pads during travel so it merely rides along the bottom of the RV which allows for easy convienient storage and setup. There is no need to crawl under the RV.

Lippert Electric Drop Arm Stabilizers

The Stabilizing Foot Pads intall in minutes without drilling, using basic hand tools. You merely replace your existing foot pads  utilizing the included hardware and connect the tensioning strap between the foot pads.

NOTE: The stabilizing ractchet strap is designed to expand to a maximum length of 66"  between the foot pad installation bolts.

Prior to ordering, measure the distance between your existing foot pad bolts with the legs fully retracted. If it is wider than 66" please request and extension strap when ordering.



Price: The Scissor Jack Cross Brace Stabilizer is a great value at a suggested retail price of only $89. Order online to receive FREE shipping and handling to the Continental US.