September 2019

Got them installed!!! All I can say is WOW! What a difference!! WOW!! Amazing product Scott. The front end of my fifth wheel is solid as a rock now!

Galen S

August 18, 2019

Even with 6 levelers on my Grand Design, someone moving around in the rear bath would cause a good bit of wiggle in the camper.

The distance from the last leveler to the end of the camper is a long way. I figured that there had to be some way to stabilize the back end of the camper.

I found this device. It fits into the hitch and probides a HUGE reduction in the camper movement caused by people in the bathroom.

Kevin C

October 2019

Denise and Scott, I want you to know how much I appreciate the manor in which you operate your company. The item didn't fit my application and when I called you couldn't have been more pleasent. You explained why and then you refunded my payment. You returned the payment right away and were very nice. You are a stand up people and a pleasure to do business with. I will gladly purchase other items from you and will always have nice things to say about your company to others when I have the opportunity to discuss your company and products. Other companies should take lessons from you both.

Michael Brodeur

At the Titanium Rally in Chula Vista CA, I purchased a set of the “Cross Brace Stabilizers” from you. I installed them on my Montana fifth wheel, and cannot believe the results. That is a great product. I did notice a little movement after the tires cooled off, but when I re-set my locking wheel chocks the fifth wheel was solid again. Thanks for a fantastic product.

Steve Ryan

I just finished a Titanium West Coast Rally. Winfield Industries had some proto-types cross brace stabilizers they were demonstrating. One of the other rigs had theirs installed and so my wife and I walked and jumped around in their rig and it was very solid. Winfield Industries put a set on our rig and I have to say, it was like walking on a sidewalk, it was so solid.


Yes, we have tried the tripod, which was sold after 4 trips with no noticeable difference. We put 8x8 blocks under each factory stabilizer, with little help. For the front-back motion, we use CW chocks, but the Winfield product finished the job with the side to side wiggle.

Don Frye, San Diego


I bought a set of front stabilizers from you at the Titanium Rally in San Diego. I used them for the first real test this past week and I am impressed. The trailer is now rock solid. My wife said that when I get up in the morning and move around in the living room, she can’t feel the trailer move at all. Know anyone who wants one of those useless tripods?

John Gajdos, Morro Bay Ca.

Thank You for being at Quartzite showing and selling your products. I was thinking of purchasing your competitors system, but I liked your sales presentation and way you explained the differences in the systems. Yours won. I installed it yesterday on my 2004 Mobile Suites that weighs just over 17,000lbs and before I had the first bar on I had my wife go inside and I pushed the nose back and forth so she could feel and see what I was trying to remove.  She noticed and understood why I wanted it fixed. After the bars were on and tight, she returned inside and as I was pushing exactly as I had done before, she yelled out, OK start pushing. I said I was and she said are you sure? I don't feel anything, I don't think your pushing!! I would say it is at least 90% better than it was and without a doubt well worth the money your charging for your system. Installation was fast and simple. Your directions were clear and easily read and understood. Not like some things I get that are written in Chinglish.

Stacey Frank

Thanks for installing a set of your stabilizer braces on the front landing gear of my Titanium 30E35SA at the rally in Paso Robles.  Your braces and the use of BAL Locking Deluxe Wheel Chocks have made my trailer rock solid.  But, the real amazing story is what your stabilizers did for my friends 2007 Jay Flight. After you installed your stabilizers on his front and rear scissor jacks it completely changed his trailer. There is no movement what so ever!!!  Both of us really appreciate how much more comfortable our trailers are now that we are using your stabilizer braces.

Norval Chan

I just wanted to let you know how the stabilizers worked. We were out last week at the coast and had the first chance to try out the stabilizers and they were great. It must have taken 95% or more of the movement out of the inside of the rig.  

David Ott

I ordered one of your front cross-brace stabilizers by phone on 11-10-2009 and it arrived at my campsite two days later as promised. I put this device on our 1998 36-ft Teton fifth-wheel we have been living in full-time for ten years. I previously used a bipod type that sets under the pin-box. It worked okay but was a nuisance to store, and sometimes we couldn’t pull our class-8 tractor far enough ahead to make clearance for it anyway. Your stabilizer solved both problems. I tested the rigidity by placing a 0-1” dial-indicator laterally along the pin-box and rocking the trailer both with and without the stabilizer engaged. A force that would rock the trailer 0.1” in a free state would only deflect it 0.01” inches when the stabilizer was engaged, or a 10:1 improvement. I like it.

Don Heasty

I own a 2006 Montana Mountaineer, 33 foot with two slides.  We spend the winter in our coach and during 2008, we drove to Alaska.  Since we spend a lot of time in the Coach, the rock and roll of a fifth wheel had become a big concern.  I use B&L Tire Chocks and slide jacks, although they helped reduce the shaking it was still a problem.  So off I went to Camping World to have Eliminator Stabilizers installed.  I knew that the under belly covering would have to be opened and a propane line moved to do the install and I didn't want to tackle this myself.  Well to my surprise, CW said they could not install the Stabilizers as I had a Factory installed Slide out Rack on the back of my Montana, in which the rear scissor jacks were welded, rather than the frame, and they could not install the Eliminator to the rack sliding frame.  Well back to Square one.


Upon searching the internet I found Winfield Products, they looked like they would work, and seemed easy to install.  I called Scott and told him about my problem with the rear scissor jacks being welded to the rack and not the frame.  We discussed the installation, and after the talk, I ordered a complete set.  They arrived in only about three days, and like the Youtube video shows, they are easy to install with normal hand tools.  Setting at home on the concrete, the coach felt pretty stable, but shortly we took it to Yosemite Lakes Thousand Trails, parked on dirt for the real acid test.


Winfield Stabilizers pass with flying colors.  My wife rated them as taking out 97 per cent of our shaking.  Remember Guys, a happy wife is a happy life!


Simple to install and use, Scott says his company is the KISS company (keep it simple stupid) and he's right. I Highly recommend this product, it worked for me.

Lee Morris

I just installed the Hand tensioning cross brace stabilizer on our fifth wheel.

I can't believe how effective this is. I removed the side jacks and king pin jack as they are no longer needed.

I can't move this thing no matter how hard I push. Your demo video was not kidding!

Great job on a fantastic product. I showed my neighbor yesterday and now he wants a set.

Claude P. Scheiner, Jr., Merced CA